Cakes On The Move

So You're Picking Up Your Cake?

Whether it's a birthday cake or the main centerpiece for your wedding, cake transport can be a stressful situation for any event. Some things to keep in mind if you're picking up your cake.

  1. Be sure that your vehicle is large enough for your cake and has a flat, level surface with access to your car's air conditioning. Sorry, no convertibles. We recommend SUVs or crossover cars. Some hatchback vehicles will work, but ask your cake consultant first if your car will be large enough for your specific cake. (Note: if your cake is a smaller single tier, it should fit on the floorboard of your car of the front passenger seat.)
  2. It's good to have an extra person with you for stacked, multi-tier cakes. 
  3. Our motto? AC all the way. It could be snowing (someday), but you will still need your air conditioning on in your vehicle. That ski jacket from last year's vacation might come in handy. 
  4. Drive directly (and slowly) to your destination. No sharp turns. No pit stops. 
  5. Once at your destination, your cake should either go directly to it's display table, or into a cooler. Discuss your options with your cake consultant.
  6. Celebrate your successful cake transport and brag to all your friends how awesome you are.

And now, a helpful video. Thanks to Turquoise Video for the production :)