Specialty Desserts

Specialty Desserts

These little delectable desserts are a perfect fit for any occasion, or just a regular day for that matter. And you'll be sure to agree once you taste any of these specialty sweets. In our opinion, Fridays were made for Chocolate Caramel Brownies. 

Bon Appetit! 

Cake Truffles



Cake Truffles are a chocolate-lovers dream! Our standard truffles have a chocolate center, that's dipped and then drizzled in... more chocolate! Looking for another flavor or to add some extra pizzazz to your mini morsels of heaven? Check in with a consultant for an estimate on your special order. 


Cake Truffles are $3.25 each standard with a minimum of 24 per flavor  


Chocolate Caramel Brownies

When deciding on a brownie recipe to rule them all, we knew it was go big or go home. Our Chocolate Caramel Brownies are beyond addictive  with whole chocolate chips, gooey caramel, and cocoa baked into the decadent batter. Brownie squares are 2"x2" for orders and are served in silver or gold liners. If you're looking to gift these brownies to some awesome people, be sure to ask about individual packaging.

$3.25 each, minimum of 24



S'more Jars

We like to think of these little guys as Summer in a Jar, but without the campfire smoke and Texas heat. They're pretty much amazing. With each spoonful, you're sure to enjoy every layer of this American classic. 

$5.50 each, minimum order of 12
*Clients are to provide the 4oz jars, tags, stickers, etc. 3 weeks prior to event date

Cookie Sandwiches

Everyone loves a well-crafted sandwich. Imagine if that sandwich had sweet smooth buttercream in the middle, and that buttercream was contained by none other that two, soft chocolate chip cookies. Now THAT would be quite the sandwich! So that's exactly what we did. Get them round or shaped, these guys are sure to be a hit with your friends or just place an order for yourself (we won't tell!).

Choose between White or Chocolate Buttercream for your filling.
Minimum of 24
$5.00 each for drop cookies (au naturale) 
$6.00 each for cutout cookies (ie. hearts)


Lemon Squares

Just like Grandma used to make, if you're grandmother was a baking rock star. The perfect blend of tart and sweet, these Lemon Squares are out of this world. Coming in at 2 square inches, we're sure they'll steal the show. 

$3.25 each, minimum order of 24



These 3" wonders melt in your mouth and are sure to leave you with visions of sugarplums. Choose from the rosette or dollop styles for your look and an array of pastel colors to match your fabulous fête and you are good to go!

$1.25 each, minimum of 24 per color


French Macarons

Bite-sized confectionery delights made to perfection in an assortment of flavors. Be sure to stock up on these for your event, as they're sure to be a guest favorite! 

Flavor choices include Vanilla, Lemon, Coffee, Raspberry, Pistachio, & Chocolate

$1.75 each with a $100 minimum order 

Are you in love with our bite-sized delights but aren't quite sure how to display them for your guests? Check out our Pinterest Board to see how past clients have chosen to present them.